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 Four Winds Tavern

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Rhiannon O'Connell
Tavern Owner
Rhiannon O'Connell

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PostSubject: Four Winds Tavern   Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:59 pm

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Nuada syada
Nuada syada

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PostSubject: Re: Four Winds Tavern   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:02 pm

Nuada looked in surprise as he watched the male glide easily over the bar counter. His head tilted lightly as he watched the male move behind the counter. His jet black eyes widened as he watched the glass of water be placed in front of him. Nuada lifted the glass gracefully as he placed it against his dry cracked lips. He let the liquid slide into his mouth and down his throat as he clenched the glass with relief. "Bel'la dos valyrin ush'akal" The male said his voice had went from a harsh dry tone to a differed soft tone. The transferal Nuadas voice had made was stunning. He talked now with more pride his voice was full.
He looked at the male that had said something to him. But to no avail Nuada didn't know much English. His home town was Corwyn a unknown village. They never left there forest except for the occasional meeting for the acceptance of the egg. Nuada being the last of his kind now had only been looking for the barbarians that murdered his family village. He dug at his side in a little pouch. His hand moving out of the pouch and placing on the table a circular piece of gold. It was about an inch of circular gold shimmering in all of its glory.
On the top of the golden coin had been an almost replica of what looked like Nuada. But to this land the gold was foreign the golden piece had weighted twice as much as the native gold coin. He slid the coin over to the male that supplied him with water and lightly bowed his head to this male. He turned his attention to the 'Errdegahr jindurn' and looked from his feet to his head studying the figure. He walked forth tell he was not more then a foot away from the male. "Ele xun dos lann
Errdegahr jindurn ji kyon duul'sso?" Nuada stated as he stared blankly at the mask upon the males face. His hand rising to point at the mask "Errdegahr jindurn" He restated.
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Spectral Shadow
Spectral Shadow

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PostSubject: Re: Four Winds Tavern   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:12 pm

Raising a brow in total confusion Spectral assumes the reason the male sounded so odd was due to his intense thirst. But upon looking at the golden coin Spectral's violet eyes widen as he looks to the etchings on the coin. Now knowing he was speaking a different language, Spectral shrugs in total defeat and utterly confused while the wisp of his tail swirls behind the counter.

"I'm sorry sir, but I can't understand you in the slightest bit"
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PostSubject: Re: Four Winds Tavern   

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Four Winds Tavern
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