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 RP Fighting Rules (Read before posting!)

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Macabre Memory
Macabre Memory

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PostSubject: RP Fighting Rules (Read before posting!)   Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:11 pm

Please abide by these basic rules:

1. No godmodding allowed (i.e. telling a person that their attack connected and there's no possible dodge...or stating that your character cannot die).

2. Absolutely NO GODMODDING.

3. Please have basic understanding of the style you will be fighting in. I will work as a T1 judge on this site, and my opinion is always unbiased.

4. No making up rules of your own and demanding the other people follow them. Most role play rules are already set, if you have a fighting style you're developing, please private message me and I will see what I can do to get your rules for your style onto this site for others to review.

5. Please have a basic understanding of physics (i.e. if you open up a black hole, you most likely killed your character as well for such an action.

6. The RP fighting moderators will be respected by ALL, their calls towards a fight (if judging) will be respected and acknowledged.

7. Assassinations will be permitted in this realm, however, your character must be assassin based for this rule to apply. If they are not and you tried calling it an assassin to better fit your actions, your attack posts will be null and void.

Note: Please check back for any further rules that have been added. Thank you.
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RP Fighting Rules (Read before posting!)
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