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 Memoirs of the Incubus

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Villa Lovelace
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Villa Lovelace

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PostMemoirs of the Incubus

Cast from heaven, amongst the

fallen am I

Wings clipped, unable to fly.

A demon cursed

in lust and arrogance well versed

So ‘neath gibbous moon as substance

that can be called shadow.

I hunt the scent of innocence.

A loathsome lothario dancing on the wind

delivering desire to those yet to be sinned.

Calling on you in your sleep

expect not foreplay, nor kindness,

nor kissing or anything deep.

Just a hint of pleasure

and pain to make you weep.

From a dead skin mask

I’ll watch with hemlock eyes,

enduring the rapture of alluring thighs

…for a little while at least…

until libidinous in the extreme

ready to join in toxic waltz

cometh the beast.

I’ll enter and take dominion over you

mouldering, mephitic breath hardens

thrusting deep in your mind

nightmares pumping as you

become one with my kind.

Palpitating breast heaves as

Hells inferno grips your soul

and your body looses control

throbbing with licentious greed

accepting the demon seed.

Withdrawn gasping for breath

I’ll leave you disturbed

Until you wake, as if from death

haunting memories will soon to fade

of the night of love with a shade.

But do ye well, not to dismiss it

as nothing more than a bad dream

everything is not as it may seem

For after nine months your womb

junket filled,

will give…

and my hideous progeny

be spilled

your nightmare… fulfilled.
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Memoirs of the Incubus :: Comments

Villa Lovelace
Re: Memoirs of the Incubus
Post on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:04 am by Villa Lovelace
So many ways aren’t there to a seduction?
But where does it begin?
Where are you captured?

My eyes?
The colour to enthral…
The mystery to tease…

My lips?
The shape of them…
The little tease of a smile that you see…

Perhaps it’s something else…

My scent?
Is it of sex?
Of desire?
Of lust?

What draws you in and will not release you…

My voice?
The smoothness of it…
The teasing of my words…
The promises I whisper in the night…

You want that and more don’t you…

My actions?
Am I sweet?
Am I controlling?
Am I…

Do I hold you by your leash?
Do I command you?
Is that what you need?

Is it pet?

Cum along now…
We’ll just have to see what it is won’t we?
Villa Lovelace
Re: Memoirs of the Incubus
Post on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:10 am by Villa Lovelace
Succubus King
I fell from grace not from above, yet from below
My halo is dim and shattered, now without a glow.
Tattered, broken and scattered my wings are decayed.
My corpse is no longer helpless thanks to this blade

Wandering around in the garden of the dead,
A gaping smile forms at the thought of taking his head.
Dripping with crimson from your flesh I laugh deeply,
Ripping my lungs out screaming like a banshee.

Blood pours from my fists. What is to become of me?
I killed the Prince of Souls, the Master of the Dark.
Lest you not forget how I ate his heart.
Years spent confined, chained and beaten in my cell
Oh how good it felt to overcome his rotten spell.
Taking his spine and ripping it out,
now I know what being Evil is all about.

I realize the minions wont let me be.
Coming for me now choking on their misery.
I stand at the crossroads of heaven and hell.
Pondering the demise for my last farewell.
Searing pain surging through my veins
Get back you demons now I control the reins!

Swooping down upon me with wings so black
teeth biting into my bones until they crack.
I take my blade out and jam it in their sockets
not satisfied until I see their blood rain instead of droplets.

Realizing now there is no where else for a being like me,
A creature of the night bound for all eternity.
Oh what a wretched thought, no mercy for you not even a drop.
Not made of snow white and pure I was meant black and demonic for fear.
Ha ha ha ha feeling my lips curl in a bloody sneer.
Run now quick and fast get ready to scream.
For your new ruler, not a pitiful Queen but a Succubus King.
Macabre Memory
Re: Memoirs of the Incubus
Post on Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:48 am by Macabre Memory
Bravo. ^^
Re: Memoirs of the Incubus
Post  by Sponsored content

Memoirs of the Incubus

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