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 The musings of a strange mind

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Aerona Rhosyn
Aerona Rhosyn

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Join date : 2010-11-10
Location : in lalaland

PostThe musings of a strange mind

Hooker Shoes

Most men demand you stray not from their side
And yet they are allowed their wandering eyes
So we women sit here for we have time to bide
And wonder if everything they say be but lies

Men are allowed to choose and choose and choose
The skinny girls with waists size zero
And a pair of six inch hooker shoes
Fulfilling the male fanstasy of female super hero

If a woman be not a stick or twig
And more than just looks
A well taught woman may well start to dig
Her grave to be occupied by herself and her books

So boys remember the reason they are called hooker shoes
When you are stuck in your penicillin blues.
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The musings of a strange mind :: Comments

Aerona Rhosyn
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:01 am by Aerona Rhosyn
The psychosis of giraffe: an experiment in Surrealism

Raining down blows and the cries of pain fill my ears
I want to curl and try and cry, but no I am forced to look
To look and stare into the bright and burning light of salvation
I want to be free and fly
Like a bird at the height of giraffes
Continuing to live and breathe and fly
With wings and antennae
I am a bat
Flying with sonar
A dolphin in the ocean of pain
Diving down into the dark depths of pain and despair
The angler fish of love follow me through the plants and weeds
I am caught and dragged
Drowning drowning drowning
Going going gone
And dying for love and pain and death and torture and grief and joy
The games we play with those we love are the ones that kill
The ones that wound and break are the ones that slightly hurt
We are the prey and pain be the predator
Red and blue scream past my eyes and the blows change to bursts of light
I am broken down and going to bed
Asleep never to wake never to sleep
Always always always
Gone gone gone
And tortured as the soul of a giraffe.
Villa Lovelace
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:45 pm by Villa Lovelace
Aerona Rhosyn
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:58 pm by Aerona Rhosyn
Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror
What do you see?
Mirror, Mirror
Don't lie to me.
I want the truth
So be quick
I might change my mind
Mirror, Mirror
Who am I?
Mirror Mirror
Please don't lie
I am not Perfect
I am not ok
Please tell me
Mirror, Mirror
So is that?
Mirror, Mirror
Is that me?
Aerona Rhosyn
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:58 pm by Aerona Rhosyn
Of glitter and work
The days of tutus and Ninja Turtles,
Long since forgotten toys to splay in dusty cardboard cages.
Aching for the days that I could spin in circles till I fell with peals of laughter
Yet still all that is done everyday is bounding over hurdles
Never truly doing anything but skimming the pages.
I wish to return to the days of chutes and ladders
How can one just forget the dreams of super heros and astronauts
Or of princesses and dragons
The ideas that permeated every fiber of our being
Here we sit in bars and restaurants
Talking of projection figures, and loads of jargon
Never truly seeing anything
The dreams of stars and glitter thrown in the air
Turn to thoughts of rent and utilities
Nothing being simple anymore
Let’s build a fort and escape the world
Live in our childlike minds and not care
Forget about the uncertain probabilities
And jump into the imagination and roll in the swathes of memories unfurled
Aerona Rhosyn
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:28 am by Aerona Rhosyn
Who am I?

I see you...
Did you see me?
I allowed a smile to adorn my face
For only a second
But it was for you
You don't need me
You probably never will
I will always remember you
Everything about you is amazing
I wish that... i don't know
The strength it takes to be perfect for you
I don't possess
Every moment I wonder
How do your words feel?
What must I do?
Why can't I feel?
Who am I?
I no longer know
I wish
I really wish that I knew
But I don't know how long it will take
When can i found out....
Find out who you think I am.
I am at a loss.
A standstill.
I don't know where to move on from here
And I feel like I have dropped from sight
I have lost my heart
There is naught but void and emptiness.
Aerona Rhosyn
Re: The musings of a strange mind
Post on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:33 am by Aerona Rhosyn
You never did see me

I thought of you
I cared for you and...
You threw it in my face
Why cant you see?
Cant you see I want you to be happy?
I guess you are
Especially if I leave you be
I will no longer see how you are doing
I know that you don't care
I will never think of you again
You shall die
The love of mine
Forever the sweet thoughts of you will be filled with sorrow
The sorrow of something held so dear for so long
You placed it underneath your foot and smashed it into the earth
Smashed so hard, and small that it became one with the ground
Never to be remembered
With these words
You die
Let it be that you treasure your new found specialty
For I will no longer hold you on a pedestal
You never knew
And now you never will
Re: The musings of a strange mind
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The musings of a strange mind

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