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 So the adventure begins...

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Avery Dreschler
Blue Rose Wench
Avery Dreschler

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Join date : 2010-11-13

PostSubject: So the adventure begins...   Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:19 pm

The storm hadn't seem to reach the forest itself, which was rather surprising since the Tavern wasn't too far off from it. Dead leaves and twigs crunched under her footfalls as she cocked her head attentively towards Jack's merry words; she giggled quite childishly as she snaked her right arm to hook loosely about his boney left arm.

"This is so exciting.." She whispered to the Male with a sly smile; her head moving to glance over her shoulder towards that of Tristen. "Just couldn't stay away from me, eh?" Avery chuckled at her teasing chide as she looked forward once more.

With each step came a bit of a bounce as she practically skipped down the old narrow path; owls hooted and stars glittered in the night sky. Gracing the ones below with the occasional dance across the heavens. The moon shone brightly as the silver rays beckoned them further down and further into the clutches of the forest itself.

A gentle breeze caused the leaves to swirl about their her feet; tumbling down the path as her soft tresses floated about her face, kissing her cheeks ever so softly. "Will we outsiders be welcomed in these worlds?" She asked Jack as she continued on, her senses reaching out to make sure that Onyx were nearby; for she knew how dangerous this forest could be and would dislike to have to break from her revelrie to save anyones skin. Or in this case, bones.

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Jack Skellington
The Pumpkin King
Jack Skellington

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Age : 27
Location : Halloween Town. Or Christmas Town. Depends on my mood

PostSubject: Re: So the adventure begins...   Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:15 pm

Frowning Jack turns to the male that had accompanied them without invitation. Glaring at him with soulless sockets in place of eyes his voice of authority of the Pumpkin King is clear.

"I don't recall speaking to you in the tavern, nor do I believe you gave me a proper introduction. To follow someone without permission, especially to a place so sacred is revolting to etiquette. Honestly I would consider it stalking seeing as how I am going to a place of incredible significance in your world. So important in fact, that it has to exist outside of your world to be a part of it."

Frowning Jack looks around to the cruel unforgiving forest before turning to the male. Letting out a sigh he speaks again.

"I should make you go back, if not beat some sense into you for what you've done. The kings of the lands we are going to are favorable enough to ring the guests I've mentioned. To ring stragglers is asking a lot of them. But this forest is harsh, and you are lucky I am merciful. Keep in mind, you try ANYTHING at all where we go, and you will find out exactly why the Master of Terror wields a weapon called the Soul Robber. And I will know if you misbehave. You are my responsibility and if you ruin my appearance as a Holiday King, you will be severely and swiftly punished."

Turning to Avery, Jack sighs one more before speaking more gently to her. "Outsiders that were invited will be welcomed with open arms. Others who decide to violate the sanctity of these worlds by not announcing their arrival will be lucky if they are only forced to return from whence they came. I'll try my best to settle these matters, but he had best heed my warning."

After walking deep into the heart of the forest, Jack recognizes a circle of seven trees in the distance. Returning to the magnificent grove, an odd feeling of belonging fills Jack as he returns. With a smile, Jack spins anti-clockwise as his form became engulfed in a brilliant orange flame. Emerging from the flame, Jack now donned the suit of the Pumpkin King. His wooden body coated in straw, was clothed only by a horribly tattered violet jacket, whose two tails whipped behind him in the wind. On top of the straw and wood however was a ghastly, terrifying jack o' lantern head with triangular eyes and a mouth all illuminated by a roaring inferno inside of it. Truly the guise of someone who would have dominion over Halloween.

Looking to the grove again, Jack ignites his wooden hands in Pumpkin Fire, letting the blaze sit in his wooden palms. Smiling, Jack lets the fire crack and cackle in his hands before looking to Avery gently.

"I'm sorry I have to appear this way, but only a Holiday King or Queen has the power to open these gateways. Without my regal status, I couldn't open these doors either."

Gesturing to each of the doors Jack starts with the massive fire cracker. "That door leads to Independence Day Town..." Moving to the egg he speaks again "Through there is Easter Town..." Listing off the doors and their respective holidays, Jack smiled as he reached the end "And of course, this door with my pumpkin visage, leads to Halloween Town. So where would you like to go?"
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Onyx Letum
Blue Rose Barkeep
Onyx Letum

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Location : Any Graveyards or The Blue Rose Tavern

PostSubject: Re: So the adventure begins...   Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:52 am

The Necromancer turned, frowning down at Tristen. "I will watch over this one Sir Jack." Onyx sighed, his black robes falling about his form as he stood behind his two companions. His staff was once more in his hands, its black surface shimmering with untold power.

No mere piece of wood, the staff amplified his dark magic, allowing him to control multiple bone walkers, a useful skill, when going up against many different enemies.
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Jack Skellington
The Pumpkin King
Jack Skellington

Posts : 36
Join date : 2010-11-09
Age : 27
Location : Halloween Town. Or Christmas Town. Depends on my mood

PostSubject: Re: So the adventure begins...   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:38 pm

Turning to Onyx, Jack frowns at the thought of him having extra responsibility, but knowing how much of a hassle he could be Jack smiles darkly to the necromancer.

"Thank you Onyx. Though you may not scare him like I could, I'm sure you could make him hurt much, MUCH worse if he puts a single toe out of line."

Chuckling to himself Jack turns to Avery with a more gentle smile again speaking calmly to her.

"Now Avery. Have you come to a decision?"

Waiting for her response, Jack smiles with obvious excitement on his skeletal face.
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Tristen Hail

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Join date : 2010-11-13

PostSubject: Re: So the adventure begins...   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:11 pm

Tristen growled slightly and turned as he walked away he mumbled to himself "I'm no child." He continued to walk as his mind`s voice reached out to Avery"I hope I may see you again but for the moment I will depart before I cause trouble." He turned and glanced back as he called out "You both had better keep her safe or I shall return." He smirked and continued to walk slipping into the shadows of the city.
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PostSubject: Re: So the adventure begins...   

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So the adventure begins...
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