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 A darkened whisper from the black void

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Haldir Lost
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Haldir Lost

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PostSubject: A darkened whisper from the black void   Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:21 am

A shrouded figure emerged from behind a large tree. His head shifting from the left to the right looking for anything that would disturb the quiet land set. The figure moved out of the shroud of the trees. Standing there was Haldir his newly permed ruby hair gently flipped around in the gentle breeze. He edged closer to the reflecting waters of the lake.

Standing at the edge of the lake he first lightly moved his left foot back and out of the strap of the geka. He then pulled his right foot back as well also pulling his foot from the matching pair of geka. Haldir moved forward silently a fog of black matter lingering under his feminine body. Haldirs foot moved forth over the lake water.

He lightly lowered his foot to the top of the water. When his foot hit the top of the water it sent small ripples through the lake. The ripples died out before it reached the middle. Haldir lightly drug his other foot forward and out onto the top of the water. The black fog still lingered around his feet. He slowly began to move forward into the middle of the lake.

The reflection of the moon danced over the top of the water like a ball room dancer. When Haldir reached the middle of the lake he halted. the black matter fog began to build into a thick fog. The once small grayish cloud now turned equal to that of the void of death itself. the water around his unmoving body began to ripple softly at first. But the more Haldir concentrated the bigger the ripples became.

The feminine body began to lightly hover over the top of the water now. His legs folded into one another he now sat in the air his left foot placed on his right knee. His right leg bent around lightly and placed itself upon the knee of his left leg. His hands lowered down to gently rest on his legs. The shimmering umbrella was tightly fastened on his back by a single leather strap.

Within a minutes time the black fog began to falter and cover the lake in an eerie black mist. A small amount of black matter dipped itself into the water. When Haldir had mentally called for its return it protruded from the water bed and lifted into the air. The black matter sat in front of Haldir. in the middle of the matter sat the crystal clear lake water. A perfect reflection of Haldir sat in it the water was now made into a mirror.

The center of the mirror however began to spin quickly. Black matter began to pour from the middle of the mirror covering now the lake and the surrounding land in a thick ten foot high black fog. To tread through this black fog would be like putting on a blind fold and walking through the forest. The black matter also disrupted the ability to cast spells. In order to cast a spell the caster would have to be 50 yards from the black matter. This also applied to Haldir.

A decayed hand reached out of the mirror that poured the black matter out like if there were to be a hole 6 inches in diameter at the bottom of this lake. The black matter spewed out as the hand quickly turned into an arm. Then the head and soon enough a decaying empty shell of a dead male. The decaying smell quickly filled the air with the smell of death and rotting flesh.

The decayed figure just stood on a panel of black matter. The body didnt move even the slightest when it stood up straight. Haldir began to speak quickly the words flew from his mouth with haste. His voice crumpled as the words ran into one another the second it left his cherry lips. Leaving no other sounds but a quick incoherent mumble that came from Haldirs lips.
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A darkened whisper from the black void
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