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 Gehenna Fight

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PostSubject: Gehenna Fight   Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:54 pm

Within the Worlds of Daemons, one stood out the most in the minds of every Daemon. Gehenna, The Legendary Plane of Chaos. Sweeping fields of white grass, flowing rivers of silver. This place was so different from its name, always calm when its Lord was present, as Legion was the epitome of Gehenna. Standing near the Burning Forests, named aptly for the Chaos Bushes, burning with brilliant white flames, the nine foot six Daemon had his arms crossed.

The Daemon, usually so non-descript, now wore his black battle armor. Black scales dotted the strange leather that covered his two hundred pound frame. A Single clawed hand swept up, to brush back the black hair in front of his eyes, the yellow orbs watching for his opponent. Did Legion feel excitement, No. Worry, again a No. Nothing ever bothered the Daemon these days, after beating back his Beast Tantarian. Two sides of the same coin, Legion was the Human Side, and Tantarian his Draconic Daemon. With a sigh, Legion tapped into his Elemental Power, feeling the elements around him, boosted by his Gehennan Natural Magic. Power fluxed around him, the Daemons talons spreading as he touched his longsword at his hip. The legendary blade, his weapon since the death of his father Chaos, always at his side, was ready for combat. Spreading his feet, his muscles twitching in preparation, a sigh flowing from the red lips of the Daemon. He brought his yellow eyes open, his right hand now moving up to draw in a white flame from a nearby bush, Chaos burning at his flesh as he smiled "Its Time to begin My Young Plane."
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PostSubject: Re: Gehenna Fight   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:58 pm

Quil was in a different mood from the arrogant Daemon. He stood three feet and six inches lower than Legion, and while Quil did not know Legion's weight, nor his own, Quil was certain of one thing. Anything as strong as Legion could not be as fast as Quil. Quil was a maniac, calm, deadly beast with curved claws, curved horns, and strong wings to match his evil nature. His arms, abdomen, chest, legs, buttocks, every part of his hard body was ribbed with muscle. His chest protruded more than most womens, though the shape was entirely different. His nipples were blue instead of red. as his skin was silver instead of tan. He had eight abdominal muscles, known as abbs, which covered his stomach. Each were the size of a man's hand, hard as rock. The skin around them was exceptionally tight, so that the abdominal muscles were always very visible, whether he was flexing, moving, stretching, or lying still. Two black lines weaved around the curves of his abdominal muscles, outward the first time, then they went in and joined together at the middle, continuing straight up between his second layer of abbs. They curved out and went around the third layer, then curved in to join again at the fourth and final layer of abdominal muscles. Smooth, silver, and hairless skin was shown everywhere else.

The only hair he had was on top of his head, a cascade of long, white Drow hair which hung behind his back. His back was as covered with wiry muscle as his front. His shoulder blades were thin, but the muscles around it were thick and hard. Scars ran along his back, forming mostly X patterns. This was the evidence of Lloth torturing Quil in vengeance for killing a spider. His thighs were thick and hard, but as with all his muscle, every inch of it was wiry. He looked so much stronger than a human, and he was so much stronger than he looked. His bare legs were long and thick with the same hard, unyeilding muscle. Down his left calf was a horrible scar, evidence of yet another fight. His right thigh another scar, evidence of a spear piercing it and almost severing Quil's manhood. Everything was revealed to his opponent, for Quil had no clothes. The only thing which suggested sentience was the brilliant sword in his right hand.

Quil was very sentient. His mind was possibly, probably the quickest alive. His sword had a sentience of its own, one that almost matched his. SoulMourne had been forged by Xun and SoulWreach in the fires of the Dragon forge. Xun had stolen metal from Thor's hammer, a piece of Zeus's lightning bolt, metal from the staff of a Druid, a piece of the earth's core, and FrostMourne, a lich sword weilded by Arthas, an aquaintance of Quil's father, Illidan StormRage. Quil had combined the material using Dragon and Demon fire, as well as other spells, helped by the creature, SoulWreach. The blade was a weilder of many elements, and granted Quil easy use of basic elemental attacks with each. Demon fire, Dragon fire, normal fire, lightning, ice, darkness, light, water, air, and Soul. To gaze into the blade for long was to look at the compisition of each element, and one could easily get lost in the depths of SoulMourne. Quil's right hand was loose and relaxed, but firm. Quil saw the lips of the Daemon begin to move, but didn't care to have a conversation. Before the first syllable was out, Quil had Immolated. Flames spread across his naked body, doing him no harm but would deal heavy burns to anyone who was foolish enough to touch him. Quil used his Druid power to summon up the begginings of a Hurricane behind Legion, while darting forward. His left foot came forward first, connecting silently with the ground beneath him. His right foot came after that, moving with equal stealth but also equal speed.

Quil took the next step forward, and now he was in range of Legion. He flicked his right wrist, as Xun had taught him long ago, sending his sword forward so that it was pointed at Legion's side. Quil grunted, his massive arm muscles flexing, his abdominal muscles tightening to the point where his ribs hurt. Quil isolated every muscle in his body, then combined them all and sent his sword hurtling towards Legion's side, barely three feet away. The four foot long blade sliced through the air itself to get to Legion's left side, below his ribs and about six inches above his hipbone. The two foot long handle followed behind. Quil would pull the sword back as soon as the blow fell or missed, always ready for the next move.
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Macabre Memory
Macabre Memory

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PostSubject: Re: Gehenna Fight   Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:01 pm

Due to the fact that Legion has not responded in a timely manner to this spar; Quil is declared winner.

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PostSubject: Re: Gehenna Fight   

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Gehenna Fight
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